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Beautiful and Budget Friendly- Wedding Guest Edition!

More recently than ever, my available income to spend on truly personal purchases has been quite limited.

Why you ask? It’s simple, WEDDING SEASON! Don’t be fooled, though, ‘wedding season’ isn’t just a season. For me, and perhaps many of you as well, it has been an incessant years-long piece of my life. Of course I’m happy about it, as I get to witness my closest friends find and marry their soulmates, but my wallet isn’t happy about it. Between the travel expenditures, gifts to the happy couple, and probably the most important cost to a fashion girl like myself, the OUTFITS! I am seeking here to explain how I’ve learned to survive ‘wedding dressing’ (summer edition) in a budget friendly way.

1. If you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen right?! This sounds shallow, I get it. But honestly, don’t expose every wedding outfit to the digital world because you’ll feel that much more confident to re-wear those well-deserved, beloved dresses.

2. Borrow from your friends, ideally those who have coveted closets. Propose a swap so it’s a win-win. Typically I term this ‘fashionship’ instead of ‘friendship’.

3. Find retailers that have partnered with ‘Afterpay’ where you can split up your payments overtime without being burdened by interest rates. Examples: Revolve, Anthropologie, Reformation, Free People

4. Fashion rental companies, while not a new concept (exhibit a – Rent The Runway), have become increasingly more valuable to millennial females due to the pressures from social media to always be wearing something new. I recommend browsing the following sites/applications and you might just find a designer dress you never dreamed you could afford: Armarium, Tulerie, Nova Octo

5. Now on to the most fun part…the brands I deem to have gorgeous options for our wedding dressing needs that won’t break the bank:



With price points typically just over $300, which I know isn’t necessarily affordable time after time, these dresses can be re-purposed.  Pair back to a kitten heel or sneaker to create a more casual look for a night out.

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Faithfull The Brand

I’ve mentioned this brand a few times, but it’s definitely a must know as a wedding guest.  In my opinion, these dresses are most appropriate for ‘cocktail attire’ nuptials.  

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A lot of great, accessibly priced brands come out of Australia!  Sadly Zimmermann doesn’t check both criteria, but there are other designers I really like that do.  Keepsake being one!  See below for a few of their dresses I have my eye on for weddings this summer.

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C/MEO Collective

Another Australian brand that has beautiful summer occasion-driven dresses, and more importantly, their barrier to entry (*to purchase*) won’t break the bank.  Not to mention, they have super cute options I see myself wearing NOT to weddings.

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Other dresses I love (and want) that are beautiful and budget friendly! Best of both worlds if I may say so myself-

By Tara Foley

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