This past weekend, there were so many sales happening online! It gets to be overwhelming so what I like to do now, is add products to my wish list before the holidays, so by the time sales pop up I can easily just pull up my personalized list. Barneys New York is my favorite stop for accessories and I finally grabbed these Barneys New York snake-skin booties I’ve been eyeing from their sale they have going on (up to 40% off!). I paired it with an all black outfit, along with this little Jerome Dreyfuss bucket bag that I picked up. There are so many other items on my list that are such deals – I added them below for you guys!

Photography by Tawni Bannister
Thank you ShopStyle and Barneys New York  for sponsoring this post.

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  1. That is exactly what I like to do too! Put all of my items into a saved list and then when it comes to the sales, not only is it easier, but you also know that you had your eye on it before and you’re not just being drawn in by a bargain! xx

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