This was seriously one of my favorite shoots to date! I barely had to pitch it to my mom, she loves taking pictures with me for the blog and she’s been killing it this past week! She’s a blogger at heart haha.

My mom has always been my inspiration when it comes to fitness – I grew up underweight my whole entire life, I was made fun of, I was picked on, but I learned to love my body as I got older. I learned what worked style wise for me and that’s when my blog was born. My mom always told me and my sisters that we need to make fitness a daily part of our routine. I didn’t start until before my wedding and ever since I’ve become obsessed.

I wanted to put together a post of my fitness inspiration and my favorite fitness clothing store, Bandier. I buy all of my work out outfits from there and I swear having a cute look to sweat in pushes me to get up and work out.

I’ve been posting all of my work out dance videos on Instagram – I hope you guys love them as much as I love filming them. As far as fitness goes, let me know if you guys like these kinds of posts and I’m happy to shoot my work out looks more often!










Photography by Scott Brasher

On me: Top / Sports Bra / Pants / Hat (in store only) / Sneakers / Bag (similar)

On mom: Sports Bra / Tank Top / Bomber Jacket / Sweats / Sneakers

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  1. I’m obsessed with your Mom! Seeing her on your snaps is so much fun, she always seems like she’s having a blast no matter where you guys are. And that body of hers!! I remember you both hanging out at the beach in the Hamptons over the summer, she’s such an inspiration!

    <3 Shelly

  2. This is such an adorable post, and the photos are so heartwarming! 🙂 <3 Your mom looks so happy to be in the shoots with you! And your mom is definitely right – there are people of all shapes and sizes, so what really matters is fitness and maintaining a healthy body.

    XO, Elizabeth


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