Now that I’m a mom – it’s time I start cooking. I recently ordered a bunch of cookbooks that provide meal ideas for kids since I’m trying to introduce a ton of new things to her on a weekly basis. It’s important for me to get acquainted with cooking and know exactly what goes into my baby’s belly. Plus, my husband is REALLY loving this new side to me. Ha! I’ve also been baking more! It’s a little bonding time I want to start with Ruby – and I’m sure she will grow to have a big sweet tooth like her mama! (Chocolate obsessed)!

Because of this newfound hobby for cooking and baking, I JUST discovered the best appliance: THE KITCHENAID MIXER! My mom, little sister, and I went to Macy’s last month to start Michaela’s wedding registry since she recently got engaged. Macy’s is the ultimate wedding destination for any newlywed since they have everything and anything you can imagine. (You also get rewarded for very purchase made and every gift you receive through their Rewards Program that all adds up and goes onto a gift card to buy more!) As we walked around the home department, I learned about all these cooking utensils and appliances that I wish I had added to my own registry when I got married (none of that fancy china has gotten much use yet)! While Michaela registered for bedding, towels, and kitchen tools, I took notes myself and ended up ordering a bunch of stuff from after I got home.

Ruby and I baked chocolate chip cookies today with our new goodies.. well Ruby just played with sprinkles while I did all the hard work. I’d love to hear some of your favorite baking recipes you guys have that you recommend!









Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Sweater / Jeans / Lipgloss

Thanks to Macy’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Oh my goodness Arielle this is just too precious! Ruby is the sweetest baby I’ve ever seen! Watching your insta stories the other day where she screws her nose up was cracking me up! Too cute xx

  2. I love the posts with your daughter! I have 10 month old twin daughters so I am always looking at her cute outfits, too! I asked on IG but thought I would ask here too… I wanted to know where you got the pink and white floor mat that is in your videos? I have the light-weight foam interlocking pads and they constantly move and shift.. drives me nuts!!



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