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Back To The City Skin Secrets

Summer is over, and I am finally back in NYC.

I am so happy to be back in the office with my team, but being back in the city after a summer in the suburbs always takes a toll on my skin. The pollution in the air, combined with the changing temperatures of fall can leave my skin feeling stressed out and dull. This year I’m letting summer wind down slowly and prepping my skin early with the help of Vichy Laboratoires.

You all know I’ve been a Vichy girl for years. They’re a French heritage brand that combines the best of pure and potent formulas with dermatologically-proven ingredients. I also love that their products are fairly priced and paraben free.

They recently launched a new first of its kind moisturizer– LiftActiv Peptide-C anti aging moisturizer—  that combines plant-origin Phyto Peptides and Vitamin C to help correct and prevent the visible effects of collagen loss on the skin. Collagen has become a bit of a buzz word over the last few years, but let me explain why it’s important. Collagen is basically the building block of our skin. It helps support the skin so it stays firm, smooth, and supple.

As we age we lose some of the collagen that our bodies naturally produce, due to things we call exposome factors, like pollution, UV damage, fatigue, temperature changes and more (basically just from living life!). Vichy combines their proprietary Mineralizing Water, rich in 15 minerals and clinically proven to protect and strengthen the skin, with Peptides with Vitamin C to help build up collagen in our skin and support it, thus keeping it looking young and wrinkle free. I’m definitely on board.

I also love that the brand takes a clinical approach, and that their studies show LiftActiv Peptide-C delivers results from day 1 and reduces wrinkles to provide firmer, brighter skin.

I know I’ll be well prepared for fall with this on my vanity, and couldn’t help but share. You can use promo code ARIELLE19 for 20% off and free shipping on your order at

Thank you to Vichy for sponsoring this post.

By Arielle Charnas

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