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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Leggings: Bandier / Top: Bandier / Sports Bra: Bandier / Jacket: Bandier / Sneakers: Bandier

It feels so good to be putting my work out clothing back on! I start with my trainer and nutritionist from the PE Club next week and I couldn’t be more excited.

I love to work out but what I love even more is motivating myself to work out with a cute outfit. Bandier always has the most amazing work out pieces that you can wear to the gym and then out on the streets! I always feel comfortable grabbing a bite to eat or running some errands after my work outs because I find the cutest outfits there. A lot of the clothing I buy I can also style with my every day wardrobe and even wear on a night out, like the leggings, jackets and tanks. The best part about it is that they don’t just have work out clothing but they have everything that goes along with your work out, all the necessary accessories. Sneakers, bags, socks, iPhone cases, beanies, you name it!

If you have a hard time pushing yourself to the gym, just head over to the bandier website and you will be more motivated than you could have ever imagined!


Below are some of my favorites on the site right now!

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  1. I completely agree… having a cute outfit makes the workout that much better!! And that jacket and white workout pants are sooo good!

    xx Bella

  2. Your recovery it’s amazing! I’m pregnant now and I am very impressed. How are you doing to have time For yourself with the baby? Do you have a nurse all day long? Thanks and congrats! Xo

  3. Yes ! I love all of the pieces you are wearing, I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable going to run errands wearing those pieces at all they are gorgeous ! I would probably even just literally put them on even if I wasn’t going to the gym haha – especially the leggings, so pretty !


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  6. I predict you and Ryan will eventually (if you don’t already) want to date. Whether or not you will is up to you both, but judging as to how you both seem to enjoy flying in the face of convention, I would say there’s a good chance that you’ll at least have sex. (However, that would probably be suicide for your working relationship, as you know, unless you ended up staying “together.”) Either way, the sexual tension that comes through this post is obvious to me, and quite enjoyable. Am I imagining the flirtation? I would love to know.


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