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At Home Workout With: Megan Roup

Arielle’s go-to trainer Megan Roup who you’ve all seen a ton on her Insta-stories (and Brandon’s too!) is sharing some of her favorite workout moves that anyone can do without even leaving the house. These moves are especially great for abs and butt toning. Check them out here and let us know how sore you are after!


Move #1: Kick Leg Back and Close

Starting in a tabletop position, straighten and extend your left leg straight back and upward. Bend your leg and bring your knee down, gently tapping the floor and then immediately straightening and extending back upward. Squeeze your booty muscles each time you kick. Continue for 25-30 reps.

Move #2: Straight Leg Pulse

Starting in a tabletop position, straighten and extend your left leg upwards, keeping your toes pointed. Pulse your leg, never dropping below hip height, while keeping the rest of your body as still as possible. Spread your fingers and press out of the floor and with your hands and shoulders. Continue for 25-30 reps.

Move #3: Kick Side and Back

Starting in a tabletop position, bend and lift your left knee to hip height. Slowly kick your foot
out to the left. Without dropping your leg, bend your knee and extend your leg backwards, straightening and pointing your toe upwards throughout. Repeat, never dropping your leg below hip height, and keeping your core engaged the whole time. Continue for 25-30 reps.

Move #4: Tap Side and Lift

Starting in a tabletop position, straighten and extend your left leg out to the side at hip height. Keeping the same amount of weight in both hands, lower your toe to tap the ground, immediately bringing your leg back up to hip height. Continue for 25-30 reps.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 on the left side before switching to the right side and doing them all over again.

What are your favorite workout moves?

You can watch more of Arielle and Megan’s workouts on instagram!


Illustration by: Molly Keene

By Anna Chudnovsky

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