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Ask Arielle: Friendships

Who’s your go-to person for advice?

Ours is Arielle. She’s known for always having answers to all of our questions, from style advice (obviously!) to dating (just ask Nikki) and this time, FRIENDSHIPS. We asked Arielle some of the most popular questions on friendships to hear what she has to say. Check out her answers here:

How do you balance friendships with friends who don’t have kids?

This has been one of the hardest for me personally. I don’t have too many friends because I genuinely don’t feel like I have enough time to nurture a friendship. That’s why the majority of my friends are also moms and we hang when the kids are playing or when we want to go out and vent about our day. My sisters are my two best friends however and neither have kids and it just works. I always make sure to call them and see what’s going on in their lives. 

How do you know when it’s time to move on from an old friend who doesn’t make you happy any more? 

Exactly that. When you’re not happy anymore. I have been surrounded by many people in my life who have ill intentions towards me, don’t like me for whatever reason or just give me bad vibes. I keep things cordial but never go out of my way to spend time together or ask for plans anymore. 

Is it okay to miss the old way a friendship used to be, like before kids and before marriage?

I think it’s totally okay! That’s why my mom friends and I took a trip this year with just our husbands, so we could be kids again! After 3 days of it we were all so grateful to be mothers and couldn’t wait to get home to our kids. 

How do you get over a friendship breakup?

Lean on your other friends! And your family. 

Is it a bad idea to mix friend groups together?

I’ve never really experienced this, and I always introduce new friends to my old ones and I think it’s been nice. They don’t need to hang out on their own but at this point, it’s just always nice to meet new people. 

What is your best friendship advice to give your daughters?

Treat people the way you want to be treated. And never talk shit about anyone to anyone besides your family or your partner.

What makes a good friendship?

Trust!!!! Trust, trust, trust and good communication. 

Do friendships change as you get older? 

Yes, I think you learn that your time is precious and when you get that free time you only want to spend it with good people who have good hearts and care about you. Over time, I think you become way more selective about who you let in… or at least I have!


Illustration by: Prints By Paige

By Arielle Charnas

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