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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

I decided to take a little trip to some galleries a few weeks ago with Ruby. While classes and playdates are so great for her, I wanted her to get out and experience some art. She absolutely loved the colors and really wanted to touch everything (which was the only negative of taking a child to a gallery haha). We invited Brandon’s 93 year old grandmother, Grandma Bea (or GG to Ruby). It was such a special time for them to share and it was such a pleasure for GG to watch Ruby’s eyes light up as she learns and grows. Ruby was so stimulated and excited, her squeals of joy made Bea and I die of laughter.

Alex and I attempted a little impromptu photo shoot with her but I got too grossed out by the dirty floor. We at least got a few that are DEFINITE framers! Overall though, it was such a fun little adventure and she is just so fascinated with the world, it seriously makes my heart explode just watching her everyday.

I can already see it, she is going to be my best friend and we are just going to love doing everything together. She is so in love with her daddy but she’s for sure a mama’s girl! This Wednesday we’re heading to the pumpkin patch, can’t wait to share that experience with you guys! x

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  1. That’s awesome that you invited Brandon’s grandmother along to bond with both you and Ruby, that’s so special and I’m sure that made her very happy! Now, honestly, can you look any more chic and gorgeous with Ruby in that baby carrier!? Seriously, that last photo! I’m sure you and Ruby are going to be best friend and continue to bond, you’re an incredible mom from what I see you share both in photos and your IG stories (I don’t have Snapchat 🙁 I know, I know, lol). Have fun at the pumpkin patch, beauty!



  2. I have a seven week old boy and I love going to galleries with him. It is great as the pram is still moving (we know how much they love motion) and it is warm and I get out of the house and see beautiful art. So hands up x

  3. So amazing that you’re bringing her with you for some art experience! It’s probably one of the most fascinating things she’s ever seen until now! All the colors and shapes probably amazed her


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