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Arielle and Carrie On Motherhood and What They've Learned From Their Kids

Mother’s Day is almost here!

In honor of the holiday, we asked our favorite duo of moms, Arielle and Carrie, to participate in a very special motherhood Q&A. We asked Arielle and Carrie to share their responses to the same questions, to get the perspective of two generations of moms. Read on for their take on family meals, the most difficult age to parent, and what their kids have taught them.

What surprised you the most about motherhood?

Arielle: How quickly I picked up on everything. I had no idea what I was getting myself into or how to be a mother and it all just came naturally.

Carrie: The biggest surprise I found was how fulfilled I was and how much love I could feel. 

What’s the best piece of motherhood-related advice you’ve ever received, and what advice do you share with new moms?

A: Don’t worry so much, you’ll figure it out. It comes naturally.

C:  My best piece of advice to share with new moms is to be patient, show too much love, show up to everything and have fun. 

What are the hardest ages to parent (so far)?

A: Honestly, every age has had its challenges and also its incredible moments. I can’t really say because it’s a different kind of hard per age. Like when they are newborns, it’s hard because you need to do everything for them and carry them everywhere. Then when they become toddlers it’s hard because they do things on their own and they talk back and understand a lot!

C: My hardest times of being a mom was after they married.


What is your favorite family tradition or holiday?

A: Shabbat dinner every Friday night. It’s always with my entire family but even when it’s just the four of us. Honestly, we love every one of our holidays because the kids just LOVE being with their family.

C: Every holiday we were together was the best! Florida, Caribbean, Hawaii, Aspen, and of course Israel were some of our best trips.

What’s your favorite family meal?

A: Breakfast, no matter what we always eat it together. We love Chocolate chip pancakes!

C: My family’s fave meal would be chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes, and green beans with garlic and oil.

What have your children taught you?

A: I know it sounds so cliche but my children have taught me how much you can love someone. They have made me a better person in every way possible because I want to be that role model for them. They’ve taught me how important it is to be a good person, a good friend, a good wife, sister, and more because it’s what I’m trying to teach them to be. 

C: My children taught me to love unconditionally, not be judgemental,  to always be open, and to choose to be happy.

What is one of your biggest parenting fails?

A: I think my biggest fail or mistake has been not hiding them from the public. I don’t know yet if it’s a mistake or a fail honestly, I just know it terrifies me.

C: My biggest parenting regret was not letting my Danielle learn how to play the drums. 

What is your proudest moment as a parent?

A: Seeing their relationship develop. Their sisterhood bond is something really special. Never would they have had this time (during quarantine) to spend together and learn about each other and become as close as they have. Watching this bond and this friendship has been my proudest moment and I can’t wait to continue to watch it grow. There is no better feeling honestly.

C: I am the proudest mother 24/7 because I have three of the most loving, considerate, kind, giving, individuals as kids that have all found what makes them happy!

What has being a mother taught you about your relationship with your own mother?

A: Holy shit, she did a lot. I just appreciate her so much more in so many ways and it’s so amazing to see the relationships we have with her now as adults. I can only dream to have that kind of relationship with my girls. 

C: I, unfortunately, learned everything I did not want to be from my own mother.

What’s the most important value you hope to pass down to your kids?

A: Family. Family is everything and never forget it.

C: Be grateful, choose kindness, live a happy love, and always show love. It would be my hope to be remembered by these values.

Arielle, what did your mom teach you about parenthood?

A: Everything there is to know about being a mother. I see so much of her in me when I am with my girls and it just innately was passed down. I see Ruby copying so many things that I do and I’m so lucky to have the greatest mother in the world to have learned from.

Carrie, what has been the best part of watching your daughter become a mother?

C: It has been a natural evolution watching my daughter become the amazing mother she is. It was totally intuitive for her.  It has been and is a blessing I’m most grateful to be able to share this with her!

Carrie, what’s the best part about being a grandmother?

C: Being a sasa is more fun than I could’ve ever imagined. My girls are my most precious gifts. They are pure joy. Definitely a highlight in life!



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