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April Fool’s Day, But Make It Fashion

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Back in the day, you just had to be on high alert with your close friends and family on the first day of April, but now brands are joining in on the fun too. It’s all part of the general understanding that brands have to constantly be part of the conversation, in on the joke and in your face for people to pay attention and in turn, shop. In fact, many brands have entire budgets set aside for April Fool’s Day marketing initiatives now, which seems crazy but is the norm in the digital age. Here are some of our favorite pranks from the fashion world we know you’ll love too.

Clip-In Man Bun

Back in 2015, Asos debuted a fake clip-in man bun for their April Fool’s Day prank and the Internet went collectively wild. But now in 2019, the joke is on us because clip-in man buns are actually a thing you can buy.

Hunter’s Dog Boots

As opposed to the Clip-In Man Bun, Hunter’s Dog Boots are things we actually want. They were an adorable take on the human classics and would be perfect for April Showers, just saying. For now we’ll make do with these dog boots that aren’t Hunter, but they sure are adorable.

Rebecca Minkoff Takes Coachella

Designer Rebecca Minkoff announced she was debuting her music career at Coachella as DJ Becky, which would actually be amazing if it was a real thing, but sadly it was not. We know her music would be just as great as her clothes if this prank ever became a reality. See you in the desert, Becky.

Sephora’s Full-Face Makeup Mask

Sephora got our hopes up with this one! The advertised prank was a normal looking sheet mask that would miraculously put on an entire face of makeup just by slapping it on your face. A girl can dream, right? For now, we’ll stick to our usual picks at Sephora and hope this product is somewhere in the works.

Mark Zuckerberg for H&M

Mark Zuckerberg for H&M was the collab nobody asked for but was executed so well, we’d consider getting it. Sort of. It’s a riff on Zuck’s uniform of a grey t-shirt and jeans every single day. Fittingly, the faux capsule comes with 7 grey t-shirts and 1 pair of jeans.

What are your favorite April Fool’s Day pranks? Let us know in the comments and stay safe out there today!

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