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I’ll be the first to admit, I go to Amazon for everything and anything but when thinking of Amazon, I definitely did not think of fashion. When they approached me and asked to partner to show you all a bit about that aspect of the website, I decided to take a look myself. I found that they carry a huge variety of brands from Paige to Stuart Weitzman to Trina Turk, etc. So excited to show you guys the first outfit I put together- Stuart Weitzman Booties , J Brands Jeans and a Vince Jacket. Check out their website at and let me know the amazing finds you are able to make!

Photography by Tawni Bannister

Thanks to Amazon Fashion for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Wow I literally had no idea that Amazon stocked so many cool fashion brands! I’m still not sure it would be my first choice to shop though, maybe if the item I wanted was out of stock everywhere else! xx

  2. There was a few times I did buy clothes off Amazon – but I did not know they had this many designers and even so many kids options! Now if only all of the items were Prime 2-day shipping 🙂

  3. Hi Arielle,

    I just wanted to say that I am inspired by you. I enjoy following up with your life everyday. I love your style and your little family. I am inspired by everything you do. Xoxo

  4. Actually, from a social media perspective, you’re wrong. The blogosphere has evolved and audiences have matured. Fake fashion shoots and outfits pictures don’t cut it anymore. Arielle’s current content is exactly what people are now engaging with. I work for the biggest social media agency in the world and all our analytics prove it. We just did 40 rounds of focus groups and across all ages people connected with and trusted influencers who shared candid, real-life moments rather than pure fashion bloggers. Those raw moments with Arielle in sweats in bed with Ruby are liquid gold: they make her followers feel like they are part of her life, connected and equals. As far as advertisers are concerned, vulnerability is the secret sauce in the magic influencer formula: someone beautiful and rich who candidly lets you see their life. It’s the balance between aspiration and vulnerability. Aspirational because the majority of women would love to have the money to not have to do the 9-5 thing and have control over how much they work, as Arielle does. And then when Arielle photographs her outfits outside her apartment instead of venturing out further, these same fans understand that sometimes it’s just too cold and miserable to do much at all – Arielle becomes human, she’s not perfect after all. It’s this relatability, vulnerability and honesty that makes Arielle so popular. If you follow Chiara Ferragni you’ll see that she is following the same formula. No one wants to see the same thing year after year; it’s not real; young fashion bloggers evolve, mature, have kids and grow up, that’s reality and being vulnerable enough to share this earns them trust, respect and relevance. It’s inevitable that vulnerability will always generate jealous trolling and hate comments and that is because it triggers SHAME in people with low self esteem and self-hate. Arielle is clearly a wonderful mom and Ruby is so smart and advanced for her age because of the attention Arielle gives her. Saying otherwise is basic trolling and says more about the haters than it does about the Something Navy family!

  5. Oh so we’re not even allowed to leave constructive comments about content? Seems they just get deleted. I thought you liked feedback on content. Guess not. Its disappointing that you just take feedback, decide its hate and delete it. Sadly this is the last straw for me. SN just lost a follower. Im sorry I wanted to actually ‘join the conversation’ and not just leave a sycophantic comment telling you how amazing you are

  6. Wow, Arielle. Looks like you spend more time on GOMI reading than on your own blog.. LMAO! Funny how just now, days later, you delete every negative.. non ass-licking comment. You’re a poor excuse for a human being. And your kid is ugly as fuck. Greasy Guido baby.. i hope baby #2 is ugly too! HAHHAHAHA

    1. Wow, that’s pretty disgusting you would say something like that… You’re actually a poor excuse for a human being. I feel sorry for you. If you don’t like what you see, then simply stop following Arielle.

      1. Whatever happened to empowering other women? We should empower one another, not bring each other down because of their appearance or lifestyle?

        1. I agree, women should be empowering each other but helloooo wake up sweet heart – Arielle, who I’m sure you #omgadore literally does the opposite of empowering women. Did you see her posts about Aziz Ansari? She is also a Trump supporter and painfully uneducated about womens rights. She literally thinks that because women have credit cards, they have power (she wrote this on instastories), and it’s just such a disappointment and slap in the face for women who have fought so hard for women like Arielle to have IMPORTANT rights like voting, education, and equal pay. She has no respect for history, and what’s more sad; she just doesn’t care.

        2. Indeed they should be. I draw the line at being rude about a child. But women should not be blindly applauding and kissing the ass of other women if they don’t agree with them simply because they too happen to have a vagina. If you live your life online and produce a product for public consumption (which she does, and she needs to produce content her followers like because her numbers are what makes her money) then you have to understand that not everyone who has access to that content will like all of it, or agree with your views. Its the trade off of using the internet to make a living. Personally I would prefer more actual content about fashion and beauty and less ‘swipe up’ and fewer clips of Ruby (and before you attack me, I’m a parent, I don’t put them online for safety reasons). Of course, as I say this, I doubt it will matter at all because it seems that having any sort of opinion on content instigates deletion here.

    2. I never offer my opinion very often but your comment is completely unnecessary! I agree that criticism can be a good thing and give feedback to improve content for your “followers”, however attacking someone’s child is a disgusting act. She looks two years old what is wrong with you. No wonder SN deletes comments when the come in the form of pure ignorance.

  7. come on Arielle, stop reading GOMI so much and grow some thick skin….it is a mean mean mean world out there and not everybody falls deep into your bullshit…i know, poor you. you are such a victim. life is so unfair : ( now, go watch Ruby waste expensive cosmetics and think it is an acceptable behavior.

    1. Arielle warrants bullying. All she does is share and show off her vapid lifestyle, not to mention how lazy she is. What #Momlife???- She has 24/7/365 nannies & assistants- even on “family” vacations. What a rough life.. insert eye rolling now…! 😉

  8. If you dont like her and can’t help yourself from making fun of her child….then get off her insta acct! Don’t follow her and please think about if you would want someone saying something like that to you and your family?!? Who raised you people!? If you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all!!!!


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