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All the Binge-Worthy Content For You to Stream Right Now

Now that we’re all practicing social distancing and staying home, we have a lot of extra time to stream television series, documentaries, movies, YouTube shows, TikToks, and more. We asked team SN for their current recommendations of binge-worthy content to start watching right now–read on for all of their favorite picks!


  1. Hunters: We love Hunters on Amazon Prime video! – Arielle
  2. Wentworth: So binge-worthy! Not many people know about this show which is a shame, but I absolutely loved it. It’s a female prison drama series set in Australia. Personally I prefer it to Orange Is The New Black because it’s less of a comedy. There have been 7 seasons to date and I am anxiously awaiting the 8th. – Tara
  3.  The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez: I’ll be completely candid, this series is sick and filled my entire body with rage but it’s worth a watch if you can bear it. – Nikki
  4. Curb Your Enthusiasm: I’ve been catching up on the last season every night before bed because I’ve missed a bunch of episodes! I find myself laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. It’s the best type of show to watch before you go to sleep. – Nikki
  5. Elite: This is a totally random Netflix show that I could not stop watching. I finished Season 3 in one day! It kind of gives off a Gossip Girl vibe, but it takes place in Spain and it’s a bit more of a murder mystery.  – Sydney
  6. Grey’s Anatomy: If you’re looking for a series to watch for the long haul, I recommend Grey’s! – Sydney
  7. VEEP:  If you are into cynical comedy, start watching VEEP now from the very first season on HBO. This is Julia Louis-Dreyfus at her finest–plus, the entire cast is superb and it’s the most impressive quick-witted writing I’ve seen to date. I have watched and re-watched many of the early seasons and deep belly laugh throughout every single episode. – Meghan 
  8. The O.C.: I started rewatching The O.C. on Hulu and it has been a TRUE joy. I was obsessed with the show when it first aired, and I’ve loved watching all of the drama over 10 years later. I forgot how scandalous Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer are! – Maggie
  9. Sex and the City: I feel like I’m perpetually rewatching episodes of Sex and the City on E!, but this feels like the perfect time to start from the very beginning and watch the entire series (plus the movies!). – Maggie
  10. Parks and Recreation: This show puts a smile on my face every time. It has timeless humor and a hilarious cast! – Jamie
  11. Entourage: Rewatching this show is the best thing you will ever do. You’re welcome. – Jamie
  12. The Office: A classic that never gets old. If you’re looking to laugh out loud, The Office is perfect. You’ll also probably find yourself trying to relate each character to someone in your office. – Nicole
  13. Scandal: I’m rewatching Scandal! Shonda Rhimes is a genius and the early seasons of this show are some of her best work. I highly recommend starting over from the beginning if you’ve already seen it all. – Taylor


  1. Hillary: I recently watched Hillary, the Hulu documentary on Hillary Clinton. Regardless of your political opinions, her documentary is interesting and insightful! You learn more about her childhood, marriage, Monica Lewinsky, and of course her campaign for the presidency. –Tara
  2. Ugly Delicious and Breakfast Lunch & Dinner: David Chang is a chef who takes it to the next level. He is so creative, curious, and emotional. There are also a lot of spicy celeb cameos. – Jamie
  3. Very Ralph: This HBO documentary gives you a look inside the life and career of fashion icon Ralph Lauren. I can’t recommend it enough! – Maggie
  4. Gaga: Five Foot Two: Lady Gaga’s Netflix documentary is almost three years old at this point, but I somehow missed it the first time around. It’s a fascinating look at the Gaga universe and the making of her epic Super Bowl performance from 2017. – Maggie


  1. Knives Out: Brandon and I just watched Knives Out and it was so good! It’s a movie version of Clue. – Arielle
  2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: You can never go wrong with this movie! No matter how many times I watch I always laugh and feel good after. – Anna
  3. Little Women: I loved this movie when I saw it in theaters a few months back and I’ve already watched it twice now that it has been released on iTunes. This movie will make you laugh and cry and the cast is next level. – Taylor
  4. Yesterday: I love rom-coms and the Beatles, and this movie is a perfect combination of the two. – Maggie


  1. Music Videos: I’ve been watching old music videos and attempting to learn the dances. I present exhibits A, B and C. Prepare to go down a deep, dark, hilarious hole. – Dana
  2. Bon Appétit “Recreating” Videos:  I love the “reverse engineering” series on Bon Appétit’s YouTube. This guy Chris is a genius and it’s so fun to watch if you like cooking. – Anna
  3. Cosmopolitan’s “Expensive Taste Test”: This series on Cosmopolitan’s YouTube is like a game show where you get to watch celebrities feel, touch, and taste two items that are the same but different prices and they try to figure out which is the most expensive. It’s so fun to watch and lots of big celebrities are on it. – Anna
  4. Architectural Digest’s “Open Door” Series: On the Architectural Digest YouTube channel, this series takes you on tours of celebrity homes and all of them are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and very interesting, I could watch these for hours! – Taylor
  5. Delish’s “Suck It Up” Series: In this series, the Delish team challenges celebs to a game of “never have I ever…” but with a twist: they’re eating incredibly sour candy as they answer the questions, which is hilarious to watch. As a lover of all things sour, this series really speaks to me. – Maggie


  1. @sosatisfying: This account is all oddly satisfying videos that I could seriously watch for hours. It’s also weirdly therapeutic and soothing. – Sydney


  1. @charliemackesy: An amazing pen and ink artist who posts inspiring words of wisdom every day. He is keeping me grounded during this time. – Jamie

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