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Not sure if you guys have been noticing any difference in my hair, but I’ve been testing out new types of curling barrels! Forever, I’ve always just used the same 1 1/4 inch clip barrel and never went out of my way to try any other type. I’ve also realized that the clip barrel may not be the easiest for everyone when doing their hair, so hopefully I can sway you to give it a try again after you finish reading.

I had the opportunity to partner up with T3 and test out their Convertible Collection, complete with tourmaline-infused hair tools for healthier styling (aka no more frizz + curls that last for days!). Immediately, I loved the sleek, clean white styling tool with rose gold accent – so pretty! I don’t know why I’ve never thought to get this before since it’s genius, but it comes with an array of interchangeable barrels that easily snap on and off the main styling tool making it so easy for travel and testing out different styles. I just learned that a wand (clip-less/straight) barrel is more for achieving waves and the clip is more for curls. My new favorite barrel that I’ve been using recently is the tapered barrel for tousled waves! If I have any guys reading this.. this is kind of the best gift you can get for that lady in your life for the holidays – just sayin’!

Use code SOMETHINGNAVYTRIO to receive the clip barrel I’m using below with the purchase of the Whirl Trio and make sure you enter their sweepstakes here for the chance to win the entire Convertible Collection (includes all 5 barrel attachments)!








Photography by Alexandra Wolf.

Thanks to T3 for sponsoring this post!!

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    1. Not sure where you’re getting that info, the sweepstakes is still active and the trio isn’t sold out. Would you like me to send you direct links? Let me know! x

  1. You have used the same curling iron since you started blogging and up until recently when you made the tutorial video. Now we’re supposed to believe you use this wand just because you’re being paid to show it? We can’t even really see what your end result looks like because you’ve just posted a bunch of pictures of the wand and not your hair aside from some one messy looking picture. And the selling point is because it’s pretty? Not a good sales pitch.

  2. Your hair always looks so healthy and has the perfect “effortless” waves and curl to it. I was always wondering what you used so thank you for sharing. I have been on the fence about purchasing this product but I think I just made my decision! I just have one question, do the waves stay in the whole day?

  3. This is so pretty ! I never knew I needed a new curling wand until now. Everyone seems to be bringing out gorgeous copper colours in all of these tools- it’s so hard to resist ! Xx

  4. I’ve actually been wondering what you’ve been using to style your hair lately because I have noticed a difference, it looks shiner and the waves look amazing! I’ve entered the sweepstakes and I’ll also have to check out Negin’s hair oil, I’m glad to see that you’re using it, too! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!




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