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Some people are born with a creative channel that just won’t stop. SomethingNavy was born in 2009 of an overflowing of all things stylish and creative, and satiated my excitement to share what was in my life and on my heart; the world of fashion.

Since then, nothing and everything has changed. I grew up in a fashion industry family, and as the middle child of three girls I’ve always looked for new ways to express myself. I now live in New York, I’m married, and a mother of two-ish (my daughter Ruby and Dylan, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). My blog and passion for creating a life on my own terms are as strong as ever!


SomethingNavy is the discerning woman’s guide to wearable, adaptable inspiration. We hold fast to the idea of staying true to oneself, yet we’re always drawn to new things and love inspiring women to step into and beyond their own personal styles. We’re honored to have been featured in publications like Glamour, Cosmopolitan, BRIDES, and The Coveteur, and have collaborated with brands such as TRESemmé, Rag & Bone, Neiman Marcus, Marc Jacobs, and Kate Spade.

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On March 11, 2016 little Ruby came roaring into our lives and ever since I constantly marvel at how something so little can make my heart feel so big. I look forward to sharing my journey into motherhood with you through all the beauty, tribulations, and unexpected surprises that it brings.

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I like to let my hair air-dry. Cargo is the best blush man has ever concocted. Yes, those jeans from last season are still very, very cool.

You have questions, and I do my best to have the answers. Ask away! x

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  1. Hey Arielle,

    I love new design of your website. I didn’t deeply checked it out so far it looks amazing. I am gonna write a review about your new website design soon and I’ll send you a link.

    Have a great fashion week,

  2. Hi Arielle! where did you get your grey couch and shaggy white chair? I loooove them!

    – Couch: Restoration Hardware
    – Chair: ABC Home

  3. Hey Arielle,
    I want to start a blog but have no idea where to start. Any tips on weather I should go with blogger. Com or WordPress?
    Thanks for the help!

    Hi Sarah..I use WordPress and love it!

  4. Do you have a search button anywhere? The archive section in also not working very well (are there any page buttons to click on?). I’d like to browse some of your old outfits for inspiration and fall shopping.

    Answer: There is a search button in the top right corner of the blog, archives should be working now though!

  5. Hi Arielle! Can you recommend some chic simple flats for pregnancy? Work appropriate? I am dreading a shoe dry spell 🙂 Thank you!!!

    Answer: I love the scalloped Chloe ones, they are super comfortable and cute!

  6. HI Arielle,
    I love your hair color and the subtle highlights! I’m in NY often so I’m curious who does your color?

    Ruby is precious by the way, my Gabriella is just now 3, they bring you so much joy!


  7. I’m starting a blog, and I am currently all over the place. Any advice on how to streamline, and how to gain a following?

  8. Hi Arielle! I was wondering where do you, Jane and your sister get your Levi’s jeans from? and what style are they exactly? Thanks!

    Answer: We usually order offline from websites such as Shopbop and Revolve!

  9. Hi Arielle!
    Your blog is amazing! What is your GO TO perfume? I have been using tom ford black orchid and diptique looking for a change.
    PS I am also a Cuse alumni 2004!!

    Answer: I love the Chloe perfume- it has always been my go-to!

  10. Hello Arielle I love your hair. It looks so smooth. Question, I bought the new Dyston Blowdryer and I feel it leaves my hair so frizzy. I am surprised because the dryer is so expensive. Do you have end recommendations on a hair dryer?

    Answer: I just bought the newest GHD blowdryer and I am loving it!

  11. Came across your blog after reading about your awful experience with Delta (I have an 18 month old and totally get it; you did everything you could and hope you and your lovely family are doing well). The plus side for me is I got to discover your blog. After having put on some weight with my pregnancy, seeing all the fabulous clothes on here motivated me to get myself into better shape. So, many thanks and don’t let the internet trolls get you down. Clearly, none of them have children.

  12. I came across your website after hearing about your experience with Delta Airlines, I love it by the ways. After reading Ask Arielle questions and comments, I cant believe how mean some of the comments are about your experience. Obviously, they have no children and cant believe people can be so cruel. As mother we try our best for our children and instead of people judging a mother with a crying baby maybe they should try something called compassion. I have been in your position before and completely understand you cant control everything. As women and human beings we should lift each other up not tear each other down. If you can not say anything nice maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.

  13. Arielle, my daughter is 9 days younger than yours. I flew internationally with her at 5 months. She was fussy and cried. Flew with delta as well. It’s funny that people consider flying to be so luxurious like a trip to the spa or something. It’s a mode of transportation people. This woman paid for her ticket like anyone else and all you assholes were babies once. What was she supposed to do, Drive? Also, to the individuals bashing this beautiful woman and her family, continue hating, jealousy is such an ugly thing. Calling a child ugly is uncalled for and hurtful. I don’t know Arielle but she is a human with feelings so back off and leave this woman alone. Go get a fucking life instead of being envious of her’s. Arielle you go girl, let the haters hate. Sending love and peace to you and your family.

  14. I love your blog and am outraged by what some people have written below. You and your beautiful family are clearly lovely, and crying babies and young mothers need our compassion, patience and love, not the vitriol that’s been spewed below. Please don’t let the hateful comments stick. Thanks for having the courage to start this blog and bring beauty to life every day. Stay strong and keep at it!

  15. I follow you on instagram and love watching your insta stories, especially the ones with Ruby. While having dinner with my husband tonight I showed him how cute your daughter is and he was curious as in to why the name “something navy” ? Funny thing is I don’t know either. Would you mind sharing the story behind it?

    – Annamaria

  16. Hi Arielle

    Can you please please tell us what lipsticks you’ve been wearing in your recent posts? The post for FAB (a dark berry) and at Two Hands (red).

    Thank you!!

  17. Hi! Looking at this photo from the Foray website. Wondering who makes your sunglasses. You wore them with a rainbow shirt. They kind of look like aviators.

  18. Arielle, I want to buy my first high end designer handbag that is simple, classic, and goes with a lot. What are some good ideas for a piece that will last me for awhile??

  19. Ignore the trolls-
    So unhappy and disturbed, it’s honestly horrifying. You are beautiful, talented and a great human-
    Keep up the goodness- you rock!
    Mom of 3 young girls who are inspired by you daily x

  20. Hi Arielle!
    My prom is coming up and I was wondering if you had suggestions as to where I can find gorgeous dresses that won’t be too over-the-top or too pricy. I don’t want to have the same dress as everyone else but I don’t want to sacrifice a budget to find a pretty dress.

  21. Hi Arielle, it seems the archive section is still not working so is there another way to view older posts? Also, you still have jane’s email listed… Just want to help you keep your site updated!

  22. Not a question but I just was flicking through your comments & can’t believe how awful people can be. The creative content you are putting out there is great & you were so ahead of the blogging game you deserve everything success you get, some people are just mean & will never be happy of anyone else’s success!!
    With very best wishes

  23. Hi Arielle! Have you ever had your hair short? I recently went short with mine, but your beach waves have me wanting long hair again. Any tips for short hair styles until then?

  24. Hello from Chile.
    Congratulations for your blog!!!
    I have a baby girl clothing brand, all Made in Chile by artesana….and would love to send Ruby some Outfits. Is it possible?

  25. Arielle,

    I have trouble making my natural work for me for every day workday. I have curly hair and I feel the pressure to always straighten and curl it, but I’d prefer to keep it natural if it didn’t make me look so drsheveled. Any insight into this?

    Thank you, love following you and your beautiful family,

  26. At the beginning of your blog, were you ever frustrated because you felt like no one was seeing the hard work you were putting into your writing? Much love, Maya (Add Some Pink)

  27. Hi Arielle! I am a long time follower of Something Navy and I know you currently have two assistants. I am a college student majoring in Public Relations with a double Minor in Art and Spanish. I would love to work with you if you have any openings at all!

  28. Hi Arielle!

    I am really interested in any tips you have on how you keep your clothes and shoes in such good condition! I get nervous to wear my investment pieces sometimes because I am afraid I am going to ruin them! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

  29. Hi Arielle,
    Could you please give me the name of company of you iphone case ( Ruby’s name on it)?

  30. I saw a couple of posts below but didn’t see the answers listed. I’m starting a blog, and as with many, am currently all over the place. Any advice on how to focus, and how to gain a following?


  31. Hi Arielle,
    I just began following you after friends couldn’t believe I didn’t know who you were! I love your blog and insta! I’m getting married in the fall and am struggling to find the perfect wedding shoes. I don’t want to spend more than $350 but want them to be special. Any ideas?

  32. I was wondering who takes your outfit photos, and do you ever feel embarrassed posing in front of people at road crossings, parks etc… how do you handle this.

  33. You said you were online on a fashion blog since 2009. How did you gain your populary with those way? Were there any friends of you who takes your professional photos and? Tell me the process.

  34. Hi Arielle! I was wondering what your heritage is! Also I Wanted to tell you that I think you’re an amazing mother and so so pretty!

  35. Hi Arielle! I am obsesssd with your blog and love your little family!

    Question, you’re new live edge table is gorg!!!! Where did you get it!

    Thanks so much!

  36. Hi Arielle,

    Do you have a process for air-drying? I used to be able to wash and go, but after two babies, my hair is more frizzy and unruly. I resemble Monica in Barbados circa the nineties! Help would be appreciated, especially in the summer humidity. Thank you – love your work!


  37. hi arielle, can you tell me what type of camera is used to take all of you pictures? i would really appreciate it

  38. Hi Arielle, can you tell me where you purchased the shirt featured In your Nordstrom Ad or what the brand is? It’s the long sleeve, white, corset waist one. Thanks so much!!

  39. Hi Arielle
    My name is Lucie,I have purchased your jeans light blue with pearl detail on bottom,looking to pair it with something edgy and exciting,I need to wear a cardigan too,need something light weight not heavy.
    Thank you,hoping to hear from you,love your style,I am a mature lady.

  40. Hi Arielle! Do you have any summer internships available for 2018, or of know a company willing to intern a college student? Thanks! Hailey

  41. I am a huge fan of your blog but especially your wonderful little girl.
    I wondered if you would mind telling me what breeder you use. Your dog has such a beautiful face.
    Thank you and I wish you continued success -you should have lots more kids your daughter is just precious.

  42. Hi Arielle, could you please let me know where you got the blazer your wearing in your recent post – This time in New York? The look is jeans, white tee, blue bag and the houndstooth blazer. Thank you!

  43. Hey Arielle,

    I want to tell you that your website and Instagram is amazing, and its a real inspiration.
    and if you read this I would like to know how you first started your blog, and how you got to where you are know?

  44. Hey!! Live your style pictures and blog. How did you come up with the name something navy? I’m thinking about starting a blog about my experiences to share with the world for things that have impacted my health and I have no idea what to use. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Xoox

  45. Hey Arielle! I love how you get your lashes done and was wondering what length / curl / thickness you ask for? I can’t seem to get them done right! xx elyse

  46. Hi Arielle!

    I have a huge fear of flying and my coworker mentioned you one time spoke to a pilot and that eased your mind a little. Would you be able to tell me what you learned in hopes of easing my nerves? I would really appreciate it, thank you!

  47. Hii what’s that brand of that show room that you went to the other day? With the gorgeous boho dresses. All the love xxx

  48. Hi! I was wondering what the company of your phone case is (with ruby Lou’s name on it)? I love it and really want to get it!!

  49. Hi Arielle!
    I want to do something similar to what you are doing now. I just don’t know what major I would pursue while at college. I actually do want to go to Syracuse, so if you can, let me know!

  50. Arielle,

    Looove your Blog and insta! How do you shoot your photos? ESP the ones you do yourself!

    Xo, Cari and baby Brooklyn

  51. Arielle,

    Can you tell us a few of your “must have” newborn/baby products? I’m due in September and all the registry options are making my head spin! 🙂

  52. Hi Arielle! I have been following you forever and I always get so much inspiration from your posts. I’m looking forward to seeing SN in stores and cannot wait to shop it! I’m a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology and I’m majoring in Product Development; but my dream is to intern with you! Are you looking for any?

  53. Do you happen to know where the products are created and shipped from? I’m doing a project on the company for my college fashion class.
    = Sidney

  54. Hi Arielle! I have a small fashion and lifestyle blog, that I started a year ago, I am in high school and am trying to grow it but don’t quite know how, any advice? I love something navy!

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