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Fashion Brands From The 2000's & Where They Are Now

Looking back, the 2000s were WILD years in fashion.

It was a special time, where whatever outfits Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wore on The Simple Life were more culturally significant than most magazines. Clothes were tight, midriffs (and pubic bones) were permanently exposed and everyone was wearing multi-colored Uggs with skirts. A lot of conventional fashion rules were broken, like, why wear one polo shirt when you could wear two at the same time? But all that added to the magic of the early 2000s and we’re reliving it right here and right now. 

The Brands

Hard Tails versus Solos was the ultimate battle of the stretch pants. Over time, they started to morph into one another, with the fold-over waistband and cool colorways being staples of both brands. What was crazier about the Hard Tails/ Solo pants era was the fact that we wore them with sweaters and polo shirts, as if they were real live pants. Because to us, they were.

True Religion jeans were more than just bottoms, they were a status symbol. True Religions were easily identifiable out in the wild, thanks to their over-the-top and now infamous back pocket horseshoe-style stitching. Most likely, if you were lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, you wore them every chance you got. Like, every day to school and also on weekends.

If you were rocking your True Religions on the bottom, it would only make sense to pair it with a trucker hat from Von Dutch on top. Before Von Dutch was all Jersey Shore, it was actually a sign of *high fashion.* The brighter contrast between the mesh on the sides and the patch on the front, the better. Plus, they really did go with everything else in our closets at the time.

And speaking of Jersey Shore… Ed Hardy t-shirts (and sweatshirts in the winter) were all the rage. Their signature very-depressing-not-sure-how-they-made-it-to-market phrases on the front and back with roses, thorns and knives as decorations were, looking back, not as high school-friendly as we thought at the time. But all the kids were wearing them!

If you were in a lighter, happier mood, Juicy Couture was your go-to, obviously. And you made sure you had both the zip up and the matching bottoms on before leaving the house. Pink was an obvious go-to for many of us, but edgier colors like lime green and bright orange were also acceptable. If you wanted to be ironic or show off that you have more than one set, you could mix and match your colors, but this wasn’t done as much. And we always followed the Golden Rule when it came to our tracksuits: the more writing across the butt, the better.

Where Are They Now?

If you want to revisit these iconic trends, you can. Ebay, Poshmark and other resellers are chock full of these classics. Hard Tail, True Religion, Von Dutch, Ed Hardy and Juicy Couture are all still going strong, so if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can definitely get what you need to relive the glory days.

True Religion is doubling-down their efforts to make a comeback, with Bella Hadid as the new face of the vintage brand. They’ve toned down their stitching just a bit, but the jeans are still easily-identifiable, which is always the goal when rocking them out in public.

Same goes for Juicy Couture, when they released a collab with Urban Outfitters at the height of the nostalgia boom. You can now get all their best pieces (and new ones too) at their site and select retailers who are still in love with the classics, just like us.

And if you’re travelling abroad this summer, you’ll be sure to see some Ed Hardy, as they’ve recently made a comeback overseas.

If you’re not going to track down the best of the 2000s for yourself, just post one of your favorite TBTs and be transported back to one of the best (or worst) decades in fashion…EVER!

Photos via: Pinterest


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