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A Scent For Everyone

We all tend to associate different smells with very specific memories.

The way catching a whiff of Pink Sugar reminds us of opening our middle school locker, or the way floral-scented perfumes remind us of browsing through our grandmother’s vintage closet. Knowing the power of scent when it comes to evoking memories and emotions makes us extra careful when we’re picking out a new perfume. Finding a fragrance that works is so personal, as everyone has different likes, dislikes and body chemistry.

To start, try to narrow down what you’re looking for. Are you drawn to citrus notes or do you lean towards a musk? Are you going for a beachy/oceanic mood or do you want to smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers all day long? Or maybe you just love the bottle… and remember, we know it’s a personal decision, so judging a perfume by its bottle is okay by us!

The way we buy fragrance has changed so much – just a few years ago it was unheard of to shop online for perfume! But, when you have a general idea of what you’re looking for in a scent, shopping online for perfume is the only way to go! We’ve picked out a ton of our favorite perfumes that are great options for everyone. Check them out here:


L’ombre dans L’eau: I wore Diptyque’s L’ombre dans L’eau for 3 years straight! Though technically a floral, this scent makes me feel super clean and fresh. Recently, I started mixing in Myth from Ellis Brooklyn which has a similar vibe but is slightly more subtle. It has a combined scent of roses and blackcurrant berries.

Myth: Airy and floral meets warm musk and white cedarwood!

Shop the Diptyque, Ellis Brooklyn


Bal D'Afrique: I love this scent because it is not overpowering! There are hints of floral but it is a subtle musk.

Eau De Soleil Blanc: When looking for a citrus scent this is my go to. Fresh and clean!

Shop the Byredo, Tom Ford


Extra Concentrated Eau de Parfum: Light and feminine! I love the patchouli and amber accents. I have been wearing this for a few weeks now and have been getting so many questions and compliments on it. I’m excited to have found a new scent in the cutest bottle!

Chloé Eau de Parfum: More of a woody fragrance but I really love it. It smells super clean and the scent doesn't fade away throughout the day. The key notes are peony, rose, honey and cedarwood.

Shop the Eau De Juice, Chloé


Amber Rose: Velvety ambrox and coconut water meet feminine rose!

The Noir 29' Eau de Parfum: Combines light notes of bergamot, fig and bay leaves with heady cedar wood, veitver and musk. It has a heart of black tea leaves that recall the dry, leafy aroma of tobacco and hay. 


Shop the Aerin, Le Labo


You: Ambrette, ambrox, musk. It is light but still present! Anyone who uses Glossier perfume can instantly call it out if you are in a room with someone else who is wearing it.

Cade & Cedarwood: It has a hint of vanilla but the cade and cedarwood balance it out so it doesn't smell too sweet.

Shop the Glossier , Jo Malone

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