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A New Year's Eve For Everyone

There are so many ways to ring in the New Year and now’s about that time when we all start to panic about not having our plan secured. Here we’re weighing the pros and cons of our favorite NYE options this year.

Going All Out

This one’s a classic: a new sparkly dress, champagne all night and epic photo-ops with a few thousand of your closest friends at your go-to favorite club. The issue here, as it is every year when you do it up big, is that it is by far the most expensive option of the night. And it requires a ton of coordination up front. Also, the lines are long, you’re freezing cold, and the bouncer at the door is always in a particularly bad mood this night of all nights. Every year! But sometimes, that’s just what NYE calls for, so we get it!

Date Night

Think of this one like Valentine’s Day, but way less pressure! We love the doing a date night option on New Year’s Eve because you can still get dressed up, go to your favorite restaurant and be part of the celebrations, but in a more low key way. The annoying part is if your restaurant of choice has an unexpected fixed-price menu (ugh!) or is already booked up. Plan ahead!

Staying In

Ahhh, the sweet sound of face masks, wine and a healthy dose of celebrity gossip. The only inevitable problem with staying in on New Year’s Eve is the time it takes for your food delivery to arrive. Know this: it will be way, way, way longer than normal. Also, you might not make it to midnight, but that’s okay.

Ignoring It All Together

This plan is all about taking “staying in” to the next level. It’s as if you forgot to check your calendar that day and you do whatever it is you’d normally do on a Monday night. Business as usual, over here! The con is seeing all the action on social media happen right before your very eyes. Because after all, it’s just a regular Monday night for you so you’re on the couch scrolling, right?

So, what’ll it be this year? Let us know in the comments!

Illustration by: Carly Martin






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