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A Look Back at the Bachelor Season Premiere

Are you guys as excited as we are that The Bachelor is back?

Finally, right?! It’s definitely one of our favorite shows and we have to say the drama is our guilty pleasure. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed how much Arielle and Brandon get into the show each season, especially with their Instagram Lives during commercial breaks that recap all the action. So we figured, why not bring one of their Lives to life?

A few weeks ago, we ran a giveaway for a few lucky followers to attend a private Bachelor screening with Arielle, Brandon and Team SN. We picked 3 winners and they each brought a friend to join us for a cozy night screening the premiere of our guiltiest pleasure and watch Peter’s season kick-off. We met up at The Moxy Hotel, kicked back in the comfiest Ugg lounge and footwear, sipped Kim Crawford wine and enjoyed the most dramatic giveaway in Something Navy history together.

Since not every one of you could attend, we’ve rounded up our predictions for the season here. And tell us, who do you think will get Peter’s final rose?!



Top Three: Hannah Anne, Madison, Victoria F


Top Three: Hannah Ann, Kelley, Victoria P


Top Three: Hannah Ann, Kelley, Madison P


Top Three: Hannah Ann, Lauren J, Kelley


Top Three: Kelley, Hannah Anne, Madison


Top Three: Victoria P, Kelley, Madison


Top Three: Hannah Ann, Kelley, Lauren J


Top Three: Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison


Top Three: Hannah Ann, Victoria F, and Madison


Top: Hannah Anne + Madison

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