A look back at 2015.

 photo IMG_0426_zpsvdpgwp3v.jpg

  1. This was a personal favorite of mine because I had just bought these light pink Louboutins and I was so excited to pair them with a natural blue denim. It’s so fun to see this one reposted all over Pinterest!
     photo IMG_5542copy_zps0751dd41.jpg
  2. We loved this one because of the leaves (obviously) and how the yellow looked with the orange booties. Looking back at these pictures really make me miss my heels and my jeans. Can’t wait to get back into those.
     photo IMG_4413copy_zps984f2934.jpg
  3. This picture got a lot of attention for some reason and we couldn’t figure out why. I’ve decided it’s because of the pop of green in the sunglasses. It definitely adds a wow factor to the simple outfit.
     photo IMG_0756copy_zpse9a1ef51.jpg
  4. This one I love because it’s so genuine. Alex and I laugh a lot of the time during our shoots so when she is able to capture a moment like that, it would be silly not to post. photo IMG_1903copy_zpsc80b0858.jpg
  5. I loved the neutral tones in this look, it’s the perfect mix of casual and dressed up thanks to the shoes and the cape.
     photo IMG_3149copy_zps92a85a5e.jpg
  6. I actually think this picture is from 2014, but I love it so much I had to add it on here. The color of my sweater and the fact that I got to wear my wedding shoes just create the perfect throw back look.
     photo IMG_4683copy_zpsc5498646.jpg
  7. Looking at these pictures really make me miss my old apartment location, the UES is so open and beautiful. This street was our favorite because of the lighting and the NYC traffic behind me.
     photo IMG_7397copy_zpse8770780.jpg
  8. I was freezing here but I absolutely loved this outfit. I was so excited when I got this coat from NastyGal and I envisioned it with a super white/natural look so it would be the center of the outfit. The lighting and Winter season made the whole shoot come together perfectly.
     photo IMG_7019copy_zps06d902d8.jpg
  9. LOVE these leather pants. I can’t wait to fit into them again, they were tight at my waist to begin with so it will definitely take a lot of hard work post baby to get back into these, but #goals.
     photo IMG_9389copy_zpsf1172b7d.jpg
  10. I had just bought these boots, I think these are probably my most expensive shoes in my closet and even though it was painful paying for them, it is completely worth it now. I will never get rid of my knee highs because the prices for them are ludacris!
     photo IMG_0295copy_zpsb777e6f0.jpg
  11. This is so sad to say but this red Celine bag is long gone. The super in my last building was a criminal and a thief and stole all of my packages (we rented from an awful landlord Steve Croman) and I swear that the criminals he hires to run his buildings sneak into the apartments when you’re not home and stole your things. I haven’t seen it since mid summer. I was hoping during the move I’d find it but it never showed up.
     photo IMG_0109copy_zps3e388903.jpg
  12. Another coat I bought from NastyGal. It’s such a great site to buy affordable pieces that you don’t need to keep around year after year. It’s strictly trend based and I love it for a quick outfit fix. photo IMG_4955copy_zpsaf29137b.jpg
  13. An all white outfit is my go to during the Winter (pre pregnancy) I have no white jeans now that fit, but it’s my favorite time to wear the color white. I don’t drink hot coffee so whenever you see a coffee cup of mine like this, it’s either hot chocolate or iced coffee in a hot coffee cup! Ha.
     photo IMG_8527copy_zpsed7268af.jpg
  14. I was inspired by SincerelyJules for this look from what I remember. I saw a picture of her on Pinterest with a button down and a sweater thrown over paired with a skirt. I decided to put my own twist on it with knee high boots and long signature waves!
     photo IMG_8742copy_zps7cddc771.jpg
  15. I remember when I shot this because I was going by some of my readers suggestions asking me to post some more casual day time looks that don’t include heels. I don’t always wear heels – I have a fun collection of sneakers mostly from Bandier.com and they are really coming in handy right now.
     photo IMG_1374copy_zps5d434dc5.jpg
  16. Love these Nikes. This is my go to casual outfit and I was a little hesitant posting it because I didn’t think a lot of my followers would like it but it turned out being one of the favorites. Interesting!
     photo IMG_1756copy_zpse586daa5.jpg
  17. Oh, the days when I used to be able to tuck in a button down into skinny jeans. Can’t remember the last time I was able to do that haha. On days like today when the weather is in the 50’s/60’s I love going sans coat and adding a chunky scarf instead.
     photo IMG_1582copy_zps36875b40.jpg
  18. I got a few of these faux fur vests from Cynthia Vincent and I lived in them all year. They always would complete my look. At this point I was a little bored of continuously pairing it with skinny jeans so I went with a skirt here.
     photo IMG_3836copy_zps7c92292a.jpg
  19. This outfit was inspired by my photographer. I never was a into the whole flannel tied around the waist but it was fun testing it out for one of our outfit shoots.
     photo IMG_3693copy_zps2a63209e.jpg
  20. I was SO excited about this outfit because I just bought these shoes and they were the first pair of Louboutins I bought that weren’t the typical pumps. They were so different and the heel was the perfect height – I couldn’t wait to shoot them.
     photo IMG_3525copy_zps8363c052.jpg
  21. I was FROZEN here! I wanted to try out the tight mini dress with knee high boots but styling it in a classier way. This outfit could go so wrong but I think I did a pretty good job at making it appropriate.
     photo IMG_6417copy_zps24f13942.jpg
  22. I don’t promote fur to my readers by any means but I do own fur myself. It’s a very sensitive topic and I apologize to anyone that it offends. Most of my fur is passed down from my great grandmother and they are very special pieces.
     photo IMG_4014 copy_zpsauajqed4.jpg
  23. This outfit was shot right after Anguilla with Brandon. That’s why I have a little bit of a tan. I shot this in March of 2015 and this March 2016 I will have my baby girl!
     photo IMG_4187_zpsllp6mjiy.jpg
  24. Also right after Anguilla. I took the opportunity to wear a skirt because of my tan legs. That took a lot of courage due to the fact that it was probably around 20 degrees outside.
     photo IMG_5637_zps4qgdplek.jpg
  25. This outfit was inspired by Miranda Kerr. I saw a photo of her on Pinterest in an all black ensemble with pop of red pumps – I looooved it so I tried to recreate it on my own.
     photo IMG_8225_zpsdnshkhue.jpg
  26. A little premature excitement here that Spring is around the corner. I was really into the sweater over button down look. If I did that now, I’d look like a giant balloon. Soon enough!
     photo IMG_4377_zpsaygidmuk.jpg
  27. This was a fun shoot because we were taking pictures outside of the all girls school Hewitt and a lot of the girls were fans of the blog! It was funny.
     photo IMG_1318_zps14mxflqz.jpg
  28. This was after a week of being really unmotivated. The weather was still blah and I had no clue what to put on. I’ve realized that whenever you feel that way, flowers always help!
     photo IMG_0557_zps5dot2air.jpg
  29. This outfit was inspired by my photographer again! At first I was doing an all white outfit but she suggested adding a pop of red and I think it really made the outfit!
     photo IMG_0837_zpslxnvjyig.jpg
  30. Again with the laughing, they are my moms favorites so it’s nice to just throw them in there. Weather was really changing here and we were on cloud nine. You have no idea how much that effects our photos!
     photo IMG_0777_zpsiagyizos.jpg
  31. This was actually a head to toe AYR outfit (not my shoes or bag) but everything else is by AYR. They are one of my favorites, their fits and pieces are so cool and classic.
     photo IMG_2246_zpsrzgour8p.jpg
  32. I am a big fan of Zimmerman and this is one of my tops by them. Now that I’m seeing it, I’m realizing it will probably work during pregnancy. I bought my first pair of real leather pants that week (Rag&Bone) and was excited to pair them together.
     photo IMG_2419_zps3qwmlffb.jpg
  33. First CHANEL bag I’ve ever bought. Any CHANEL bag I owned before this one was passed down from my mom. Even though it’s not liked by everyone, it’s so special to me and one of my favorite items in my closet.
     photo IMG_4298_zpssyqhtwrl.jpg
  34. Flat stomach days! This was right before the Summer. I ordered this top by Stone Fox Bride and originally wanted to pair it with high waisted skinnies until I came across these white trousers.
     photo IMG_4480_zpsjle74xhs.jpg
  35. I fell in love with REDONE jeans on a trip to Barneys. I bought two pairs and then got pregnant. Can’t wait to fit back into these. This was one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever shot, ever.
     photo IMG_4503_zpsov19osnh.jpg
  36. 2015 for me was my discovery of Red. I was never a fan of red until I bought this romper. After this, I bought too many pieces to admit in this color. I thought of changing the blog to SomethingRed.
     photo IMG_6588_zpsbgspmv7y.jpg
  37. This shirt was a big hit in the fashion community this Summer. The off the shoulder TIBI top. It’s so flattering for every body type.
     photo IMG_0315_zpsffez0qjt.jpg
  38. I was pregnant here! Craziness, I was maybe 5 weeks pregnant and I still had beach hair. I got a lot of sh*t for my hair on my Instagram saying that it was dried out and not cute but I actually liked having it natural. I was giving it a break.
     photo IMG_3880_zpsfpmhvtgf.jpg
  39. I was pregnant here too but couldn’t announce to you guys yet, I was so excited and also surprised how little your body changes in the beginning. No one would have known!
     photo IMG_4946_zpscxa7wkq9.jpg
  40. I think Alex and I saw a really cool shot of ripped boyfriend jeans and these Valentino pumps and we wanted to recreate the look. I added an oversized white button down (hiding pregnancy) and a cool statement necklace.
     photo IMG_9480_zpsht3kixzd.jpg
  41. Little did you guys know, my pants weren’t able to button underneath this sweater haha. This is one of my favorite color combos and the lighting really made it perfection.
     photo IMG_9696_zpsvw8lsxkf.jpg
  42. Bought this Isabel Marant sweater before I knew I was pregnant so when I found out I figured only way I’d be able to wear it would be right away (summer or not) so I paired it with boyfriend jeans and matched my classic red pumps to it.
     photo IMG_4820_zpsw8ayum0x.jpg
  43. Trying to fit in some last wears of my REDONE Levi’s before I wouldn’t be able to button them again. A cropped sweatshirt and my photographers Iced Coffee kept the secret safe.
     photo IMG_9691_zpsovimjnqx.jpg
  44. Love this grey AYR coat. I was so excited to pair it with my matching grey Valentino rockstuds. This is one of my last shots uptown.
     photo IMG_2928_zpseiycz88q.jpg
  45. First outfit shot down in my new neighborhood! (TriBeCa). Love this Merlot color for the season and beyond excited about these knew pair of Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots.
     photo IMG_9937_zpsu63xozuv.jpg
  46. Before all the leaves fell from the trees we were able to capture this beautiful back drop for my outfit. Best maternity jeans I’ve owned up until now. Citizens of Humanity really make the perfect pair.
     photo IMG_5406_zpsboypgwgb.jpg
  47. Having a red moment again, I absolutely fell in love with this Rag&Bone coat. It’s so gorgeous and it worked perfectly with my printed black and white Louboutin pumps.
     photo IMG_9810_zpspsmkcdzm.jpg
  48. Having a hard time wearing my heels but glad I got this outfit in before the snow comes. These shoes are so classic and gorgeous and I absolutely love how they look with a fitted skinny jean.
     photo AR7A3967_zpsw3lfrd0r.jpg
  49. Even though I knew I couldn’t wear my heels anymore, I came across this color and could not pass it up. I saw on all the department store websites that they had the So Kate version in 120 mm but I knew that even post baby I will never be able to walk in those. I found the Pigalles 100mm on the Christian Louboutin website.
     photo IMG_5651_zpsqevif7nf.jpg
  50. Full blown pregnancy look. These JOIE over the knee black boots have been great this season. They aren’t too high and are pretty comfortable to walk in. This has been my go to outfit as it’s much more comfortable for me than wearing pants.
     photo IMG_0686_zpstry5lv40.jpg
  51. I’ve had this cape for years (since college days)! It was my first vintage piece I’ve ever bought. I was with my sister one weekend home from school and she took me to a hole in the wall vintage shop and I snagged this. I’ll never give it away.
     photo IMG_2785_zpsk7vdq73w.jpg
  52. Last but not least, shot this with Alex a week ago and I know it’s a photo I’ll have forever. Even though I only have 11 weeks left of pregnancy, I know my life is about to completely change in 2016 and having an image like this to look back on will be so special. I can’t wait for what is to come and I want to thank you all so much for following my journey – it’s so much fun sharing it with you. As we say bye to a wonderful 2015, let’s look forward to what is in store for 2016! Merry Christmas and happy New year to all of you and I’ll see you back here next year! I’m off to Puerto Rico!
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  1. Nice looks during this year 2015 ! Enjoy your holidays with your family and happy New Year 2016 Arielle ❤️
    And can you post a picture of all your bags on IG please ? Because you have an amazing collection ! xxx

  2. Definitely my favorite post ever! I love the comments specific to each outfit. I hope you had a great holiday season. Next year will be even more amazing with baby girl here 🙂 Hope you have a great time in Puerto Rico!

  3. My favorite post so far. <3 Besides the fact that your outfits are gorgeous (as always) it's nice to hear about all the little details and background information that make the photos complete for me.

    Wishing you and your family a great 2016 with lots of health. It's all that matters in the end. 😉

  4. Wow loving all your pieces! I literally look at your pics and say, i want this,I want that! hehe Gorgeous yummy mummy
    And yes your life will change! It wont be the same again, but in a good way.
    1-BF is tough but stick with it, you will get used to it after 10 days, the creams do help.
    2- At six months, if he/she doesnt sleep through the ngiht, do the contorlled crying, hoenstly it will change your life, you will need ‘me time’
    3-You do whats best, ignore everyone elses advice! Especially the in laws lol

    Hope delivery goes well:) Just think of it, juts one day of pain and it will be harder, well around a day, some people have shorter labours. Once you hold the little one in your arms, you forget it all.

    p.s Make them a fashionista like you
    mwa xxx


  5. Oh my, I love your style soooooo much, it really inspires me all the time!!!
    Do you know the name of the Chanel bag? (the one on the #33) I’d love to know its name, thanks
    Lots of love xx

  6. I couldn’t even pick a favourite outfit! I am however obsessed with that yellow sweater!! Your wardrobe is to die for. If you ever need to make room for more and get rid of some clothes, I’ll be happy to take anything off your hands ha.

    Hope you’re getting some much-needed rest!


  7. Wow! Love the review and all the looks. I love your blog. So this is a great question for you-I received a pretty nice bonus from work this year. Any ideas on what great staple I should own and spend $ on? I am loving your gray Valentino rockstuds but maybe a nice bag? Basic Loubies? Would love a few suggestions! I am 12 weeks post partum (congrats to you!) so probably not a clothing item. Happy New Year!

  8. Dear Arielle,

    You are such a sweetheart! You are one of my favorite bloggers lately. You have such a excellent taste of style. You know how to do best shopping. Even you feature big brands you are always true to your style. I am really appreciate to see that. So many other bloggers lost their taste while doing collaborations. It feels like they are not real anymore.

    When I open your Instagram I never disappointed to see your looks.
    Keep working on this great job.

    I wish all the best your lovely family with baby girl.
    Happy New Year.

    Fellow fashion blogger from Williamsburg.


  9. First of all it makes me feel so much better that your fur is mostly passed down. I usually get sort of sad when I see people wearing fur although not necessarily offended because it is a personal decision. Second of all I really loved this post, it was so fun to get to hear about all the behind-the-scenes type details! I hope you have an amazing 2016 🙂

  10. Arielle!! Happy new year beautiful mama to be! This is one of my favorite posts you have done, and I think I’ve been around !!!! Omg , scarily enough THESE were some of my faves also. Every time I kept scrolling I was like, omg – my favorite for example. Yellow sweater shirt. White Chanel. And wedding shoes with those wild fox jeans! I love that bc when I saw how chic your wedding shoes looked and how modest you are for wearing them around ( for some reason) showed your laid back attitude. And impeccable eye for real fashion. I’m excited for 2016, for you to bring in a bundle of joy We all can’t wait what this darling is going to be wearing. ( competition with mommy, but something baby will be learning from the best). Wishing you a beautiful new year to you and hubby and fur baby. To your familie (s) , and your little one who is nesting gorgeously even in a bikini ( milf) … Health and so much happiness. You’ve been an inspiration for all. Xoxoxoxo. Here’s to another year of the dopest fashion guru in Nyc. Somethingnavy!!!!!

  11. You seriously can do wrong. You are always styled to perfection and I love how down to earth you are. I hope to connect in person one day! Happy New Year!! xoxo, Erin

  12. These are such beautiful outfits for inspiration for 2016, your blog is beautiful! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous shots all in one post!
    Lucy xoxo

  13. Hello!! I love your style, you are definitely an inspiration. Is there any way to see where you purchased these pieces from? Specifically the overalls in the 1st picture.

  14. Wow. I just discovered this blog and I am in love. I feel like it was at the perfect time because this post was just a synopsis of your year in fashion!! Love the bump so much and the sweaters but most of all the shoes (what a trooper)!!! You kill it every time. So excited for your babe and to see how your style transitions.



  15. Hi Areille,
    is your Stella McCartney Falabella Chain Clutch in suede? It looks like it is but I know that SM doesn’t use animal fabrics. Is it that shabby deer fabric made from polyester cause on the images it seems like it’s suede

  16. Hello Arielle
    Congratulations to all you achieved the past year and I hope everything goes well with your Baby! Your Outfits are inspiring to me and I will follow your advises and styles for the future..
    Love from Switzerland!


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