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A Decade of Something Navy

10 YEARS!!! We are incredibly excited to have reached such a significant milestone at Something Navy, compounded by the fundraise news that broke today. Most importantly, none of this would be possible without all of you!

It’s very ironic to think that Something Navy all started with a BREAKUP! And, most impressively, no real plan in place (at least not in the beginning!). Arielle was able to channel all of her post-breakup energy into fashion, blogging and herself. She eagerly took on the occasional job at first, working hard and making the most of being a single girl in New York City. Isn’t that the dream, anyway? Along the way, we’ve been able to watch Arielle meet Brandon, get engaged, get married, have two beautiful babies, hire a full team, launch her own line with Nordstrom AND see her style evolve at the same time. All of this sums to the beginning of an empire.

Speaking of style… Arielle’s outfits are one of the main reasons we all tune in every day, in addition to her hilarious personality and loving family. But right now, we’re talking about the fashion! We’re looking back on how far Arielle has come by going through the archives to find her all-time greatest hits. Trust us… they’re ICONIC.








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