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Lisa Jacobs: Tips On How To Keep Your Closet Organized

Apartment living means maximizing every last inch of your tiny space to hold all of your belongings.

We spoke with Arielle’s go-to organizer Lisa Jacobs from Imagine it Done for her expert advice on how to keep your closet organized and make the most of your teeny, tiny dwelling. Jacobs gives her 6 best tips here:


Invest in a Storage Bed

No storage unit? No problem. Storage beds are a great way to store bulky items including extra linens and towels, out-of-season clothing, memorabilia, and more. Think of it as your very own storage unit in your apartment! You can generally find two types of storage units – a pull-up bed or drawers.

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Accessorize to Maximize

Maximize the height of all spaces with organizational accessories. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is your best bet. Invest in bins, baskets, drawer organizers, and dividers to keep categories in place and maintain a functional, organized system.

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Add Extra Hanging Space With Garment Racks

Garment racks can transform any space into an impromptu closet. If your space allows, these are ideal in the entry, master closet, bedroom, or free spot where you may need a little extra storage for your tall hanging items. 

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Maximize Empty Wall Space With Floating Shelves

We love using floating shelves to help alleviate space in tight clothing closets by curating the shelves with pretty accessories like handbags and clutches. Not only does this create an extra piece of storage but it allows you to curate and add a bit of design and color to your walls. 

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Use Uniform Hangers

“The most crucial accessory is hangers. Uniforming hangers will maximize every square inch of space and give your closet an overall finished look.” Jacobs suggests these Invisible Acrylic Hangers.

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Display Unique Valuables

"Out of sight, out of mind," Jacobs warns. "Your prized possessions are meant to be worn and used. Merchandize your space with pieces like handbags and sunglasses on shelves or in clear organizational accessories." By being surrounded by belongings you truly love, you will feel a sense of comfort, happiness, and peace.

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