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37 Years of Marriage

37 years after tying the knot, I feel like I’m finally in the honeymoon phase of married life! As crazy as it sounds, after all these years, I feel as if we are once again beginning a new chapter as husband and wife.

I got married when I was 23 and hadn’t a single clue about life. My husband and I, we grew up together. We were a united team from day 1.

Within one year of marriage, we were pregnant. We jumped in feet first and never stopped swimming as family life took precedence over everything immediately. Before we knew it, we grew into a perfectly happy family of five and life was full.

Our three daughters were always a priority. All the birthdays, school events, summer camps, sicknesses and you-name-its were major events in our lives, too. Every little thing one of our girls was involved in became the center of our universe. It was all quite organic as life moved forward, and our pack of 5 only grew tighter as a result.

We had a love fest as a family (okay, not every moment, but most of them!). Whatever challenges we encountered, we took on together, which only made us grow
stronger. With a lot of hard work, we created a childhood for our girls anyone would envy. I always felt very grateful for our blessings and never took a single second for granted. The unbreakable bond my girls have is honestly more than any parent could ever hope for. 37 years of marriage and 3 healthy, happily married daughters seems almost like too much to have ever dreamed possible.

Now my husband and I begin a new, unexpected part of our dream as just the two of us again. Since we had our family immediately after we married, we never had time for ourselves as a couple. We had a very simple backyard wedding (complete with paper plates) and a honeymoon with my husband’s entire family to Parrot Jungle! How’s that for romance?!

For the first time, my husband and I are having our true honeymoon years and it has been such an incredible gift. Without the worries or pressures of raising children, there’s a new sense of joy between us. It’s an extremely foreign feeling not having our children’s lives as our sole energy. Don’t get me wrong, we will always live for our children and their well-beings, but now we get to take the time for our happiness as a couple. We are sharing time together with a lightness and ease that we’ve never known. It’s a very strange feeling after all these years, but at the same time it’s wonderful to be able to focus on each other. Though we will not be renewing our wedding vows anytime soon, I definitely feel like a newlywed today!

By Carrie Nachmani

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