2017 Recap

I never had a chance to do a recap of all of my looks throughout 2017! It’s so fun to go back and look through each post and get re inspired. Although, I can’t wear a lot of it at the moment, it’s still a great way to get motivated. Now I can’t wait to start shooting with my photographer some looks I’ve created around pregnancy.

Which look was your favorite? x

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  1. Loved all outfits, im big fan!! But you didnt include any outfit from your collection w/Nordstrom. I think only one. Sad because pieces were beautiful!

  2. Loved all the outfits. I think my favorite was the grey sweater dress with the Jimmy Choo Pom Pom boots. Absolutely loved that outfit. What I noticed about 90%of your pictures is that they are photographed in the crosswalks of the street. Do you intentionally do that? My eyes kept going to the lines first instead of you. I’m a business woman and I’m just suggesting maybe taking the pictures elsewhere. (Unless of course you like the aesthetics of it) Best of luck to you and your family!

  3. You looked stunning in all of last years amazing outfits but I love the beige sweater with the Jimmy Choo boots and Gucci bag. The outfit I’m still obsessing over is the beautiful floral Moda Operandi dress you wore to a wedding earlier last year. You looked absolutely phenomenal

  4. London fan here, and totally love your style and I’m super envious of your ability to dress well while having a child. I have a baby boy, Zachary, and I just don’t have the time/ money to dress nicely anymore (sad face)

    Why are you always crossing roads in your pics though? I’ve noticed it and now I can un-notice it!!!

    Love from London

  5. OMG, there‘s so much inspiration going on! I love every single one of them but if I had to pick a favourite, I‘d probably go with the grey fringe-y pullover dress one!

    xx, Valeria

  6. Very nice! Delicate in every detail, luxurious in every corner, looks extremely noble and elegant! I believe my wife and daughter will be very happy, proud … when having them go out with friends!


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