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Motherhood changed me in many ways, actually, pregnancy is what really kicked off the chain of changes. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, it was no longer about me—everything was about the baby growing inside of me and what I needed to do to protect and nourish her. I started focusing a lot more on the foods I was putting into my body, the exercises I was practicing, getting massages to relieve stress and anxiety, and being mindful of the products I was using on my skin (I never thought Id be that person constantly reading through all of the ingredients listed on the label!)
I’ve carried this maternal mindset and approach throughout motherhood, while now focusing on my own self and well being. Yes I love my pizza and pasta, but I am more careful about using organic ingredients when I’m cooking at home. Even in my social life, I have a very close circle of friends that I’ve had in my life for a long time now. As you grow out of stages in your life, some friends may only be relevant for a specific stage and then you grow out of your relationship with them. I’ve learned that this is OK and you should only surround yourself with people who bring light and good energy to your life, and cut out any toxic people. 
When Olay approached me to partner up with them, I did my research and ordered a few of their body washes to test them out. I loved the Cleansing Infusion line and how it resonated so much with my life at that moment. Turning 30 this summer, I just wanted to feel cleaner inside and make sure that my body would be ready for when I got pregnant next. These cleansers draw out on your skin’s impurities and in turn, draw in hydration. In the past, I’ve probably just chosen a body wash by how it smells (which thankfully these Olay ones smell amazing on top of it!) but I learned that they were purely fragrant cleansers that stripped my body of its natural moisture, making it harsh and dry on my skin. I love that I am finally using a body wash that is doing more for my skin than just cleansing it and making it smell good—I’m finally giving my skin the attention it deserves. I am still learning on how to take better care of myself and taking it one step at a time. 
Shop the products here and let me know what you think!
Photography by Tawni Bannister.
Thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post!
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  1. I’m not sure where you did your research but Olay’s products are far from “clean”. Everyone is allowed to decide which products they want to buy/use, however I don’t think you should be advertising these as clean products.

    1. In addition to the harmful chemicals and hormone distrupors the products contain, they also test on animals. Okay is Not a company an animal lover should support.

  2. So you cook with organic ingredients but use Olay on your skin? Yup, that makes sense. It’s nasty and they test on animals. Go green (and I don’t mean $$).

  3. I find this post misleading and very hypocritical. Olay is not a clean product at all and should not be advertised as such. Also, if one was really concerned about protecting and nourishing their growing baby they would not be using lip fillers during such a critical time…I am truly baffled that someone would make a post with obvious lies as this one. What a true disappointment this blog has become.


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