Top & Bow: Tocoto / Shoes: New Balance / Jeans: Mayoral

Welcome to SomethingMini! I decided to start a section on my newly designed blog that is fully dedicated to my everything, my little girl, Ruby. Ever since I became pregnant, I gained an entirely new following of mama’s to be, mama’s of 1,2,3 or more kids, and women who are either trying or are excited for the idea of becoming a mama at some point in the future!

I noticed a lot of my readers questions were beginning to be mostly about motherhood, my baby and all things for my baby. On this section of my blog, I will be showcasing as often as possible Ruby’s outfits (and make them shoppable) as well as wish lists for Ruby, fashion (obviously), birthday party ideas/outfits, classes, toys, feeding gear, shoes, lifestyle and just everything RUBY!

Please leave your comments below of some of the things you’d like me to talk about, post about regarding Ruby Lou and I will make sure to cover each topic! I also want this to be a free and open space for moms/women in general to chat about motherhood, babies, and so forth. I’m sure we will have a lot to talk about!

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  1. OMG that face!!! i love that you did this and the new blog looks amazing. Can’t wait to get more of Ruby Lou, her style & yours.. xoxo

  2. This is adorable and such a great idea. Would LOVE if you would collaborate with a mom with a boy, since selfishly with a boy I would love to see that too. We’re in NW Tribeca, so see you around the neighborhood!

  3. Love that you’ve added something mini!! I’d love to see more outfit details and some of your favorite shops for baby. I have a little girl just 3 months younger than Ruby and we’ve been following along your journey! Any sleep or routine tips from you or Marget would be great too!! 🙂 XO

  4. Ruby is too precious!! Thank you so much for starting this section of your blog. I’m a new mom, my little Charlotte is almost 4 weeks. Everything you mentioned above is perfect. I can’t wait to follow along and hear more about your experiences, things that are working/ not working, favorite clothes, toys etc.

  5. I love something mini or something Ruby..I am expecting my first baby in January, and it’s a GIRL!!! I’m so excited to dress a little girl, and will be looking for outfit inspirations from Ruby!!! (she is a doll!) I’d love to read about some of your must haves for a new mama.


  6. Hi Arielle-

    Love your new blog it looks so amazing! Im newly pregnant and I’m so excited to become a mom! I was wondering if you could write a post all about your essential must have products including stroller/car seat options and how you finally chose the one(s) you have now.

    Also is the babybjorn carrier worth the price ( even if living in an area where we mostly drive) Thanks so much! xo


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