1. Aquaphor

Obsessed with reapplying this over and over again for keeping my lips moisturized. 

2. Socks (J. Crew)

To keep my feet and snug for the long rides!

3. Water

Must stay hydrated!

4. Mentos

The best little quick sugar fix – I really only pick out the pink ones though.

5. iPad

Essential to do some work while in the air or catch up on emails.

6. Chantecaille Rose de Mai Cream & Rosewater

When it comes to long flights, its so important to protect your skin. My favorite is Chantecaille and their Rose de Mai collection because its all botanical based and the scent is 100% natural… it smells so amazing.  

7. Cashmere Travel Wrap (White + Warren)

You never know with the temperature on flights so I always make sure to keep this nearby.

8. Magazines

A great time to catch up on my fashion magazines and trashy tabloids.

9. Headphones (FRENDS)

I love watching endless movies on the plane.

10. Eyemask (Morgan Lane)

Might as well look cute while getting some shut-eye on the plane 🙂

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