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10 Underrated Amazon Products

Some of our favorite possessions started out as random impulse buys on Amazon. We can all relate to going down the rabbit hole and clicking item after item that the e-tail giant sends our way, but these are things we actually use and can be at your door in 2 days or less! Here are the SN team’s best Amazon purchases:


Acupressure Set

Dana: I love this acupressure mat. You lay on it and it’s weirdly calming and soothing! I saw it on Instagram and had to get it. I always have back pain and laying on this really helps.

Shop the Set

Mini Vacuum Dust Cleaner

Tara: I use this for my kitchen counter. Not only is it cute and decorative but it actually picks up those tiny crumbs you otherwise would’ve ended up sweeping on the floor.

Shop the Cleaner

Hat Size Reducer

Tara: I use this for my hats that are too big! Genius.

Shop the Sweatband


Anna: We are always setting up a DIY tripod with random objects in the office for taking selfies and videos and our phones would always dramatically fall halfway through,  so this is a great way to keep it nice and sturdy. And it has a remote control that will take the pictures for you!

Shop the Tripod


Arielle: I actually just bought this massager and I can't wait to use it. My scoliosis is slowly catching up to me as I’m getting older. I have back and neck aches and hope this helps! I’ve heard it’s amazing.

Shop the Massager

Down Jacket

Arielle: We all know that this is one of my favorite Amazon purchase this year! It has become a phenomenon and you now see it all over the streets of New York. I highly recommend it.

Shop the Jacket

Kleenex Perfect Fit

Arielle: I love buying these for my house to make my tissues look nice and fancy in the bathroom.

Shop the Kleenex Cylinder

Furbo Dog Camera

Sydney + Anna: We both agree that for working dog moms, this is the best thing ever!! You can talk to your dog, give them treats through the app and spy on them all day long.

Shop the Camera


Dana: I love these velvet hangers so much. They keep my closet looking clean and are super thin and lightweight.

Shop the Hangers

Jewelry Cleaner

Dana: The Sonic Jewelry Cleaner cleans all my pieces in no time. It’s the best!

Shop the Cleaner

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