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10 New Ways to Get Dressed We Learned From Fashion Month

Fashion Month may officially be about what to buy next season—the collections that just showed will be around to shop next fall, after all—but since the real fashion show is what all the guests are wearing on the streets, it’s where we learn what to wear right now.

Now that the Paris shows have wrapped and all the models, photographers and editors are back home, our Instagram “saved” folders are officially full of street style outfit inspiration to start wearing immediately. Here are ten things we are inspired to start doing immediately with the stuff already hanging in our closets—and a few new pieces we are adding to our carts.

1. Cool Shoulders We're calling it now: 2020 is bringing back the sweater set. We love the nonchalant way street style stars are knotting sweaters around their shoulders and wearing them as scarves. Plus it makes bringing an extra layer an official part of your outfit.
2. Tuck Trick There's a part of us that can't believe this trend is happening, but trust us, it is. We're tucking in everything from jeans to suiting to leather pants, and letting our statement boots do the talking (and walking.)
3. Bright Lights, Cool City When it comes to a power suit, we say the brighter the better. Suiting is a Something Navy favorite, and we are going all-in with head-to-toe highlighter hues and accents.
4. Buckle Up Tired of your outerwear by now? (Same!) Make it feel more like a statement piece by wearing a belt over it. We are also belting blazers to make our office basics less...basic.
5. Strap Happy Maybe we just have a thing for pants with volume, but fashion girls all across Europe are strapping their sandals around the ankles of their pants. What better excuse to start wearing your spring sandals now?
6. 50 Shades of Camel This gorgeous color always looks luxurious, and we’re ready to double (or triple!) up by going monochromatic with it. Mix up your textures and tones for extra richness.
7. Layered Jewels Fashion girls aren’t being picky about jewelry right now. We’ll be wearing all of our favorite necklaces at once and mixing lengths and materials.
8. Haute Hoodie Sweatshirts are making a style statement, and we’re obsessed! (Gotta love a comfy trend.) We’re layering them under jackets and blazers until summer.
9. Lots of Leather Leather pants are one of our winter go-to's, but this season that's just the start: We’re matching are tops and bottoms, and mixing it up with colors, pencil skirts, and culottes.
10. Cross It Off Belt-bags have been a thing for a couple season-but the 2020 way to wear it is cross-body with extra-short straps. (You can also get the look by adding a couple holes to your cross-body bag straps.)
Images via: Getty

PS: *These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, Something Navy may get something in return. Thanks.

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