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I’ll be the first to admit, I go to Amazon for everything and anything but when thinking of Amazon, I definitely did not think of fashion. When they approached me and asked to partner to show you all a bit about that aspect of the website, I decided to take a look myself. I found that they carry a huge variety of brands from Paige to Stuart Weitzman to Trina Turk, etc. So excited to show you guys the first outfit I put together- Stuart Weitzman Booties , J Brands Jeans and a Vince Jacket. Check out their website at and let me know the amazing finds you are able to make!

Photography by Tawni Bannister

Thanks to Amazon Fashion for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Wow I literally had no idea that Amazon stocked so many cool fashion brands! I’m still not sure it would be my first choice to shop though, maybe if the item I wanted was out of stock everywhere else! xx

  2. There was a few times I did buy clothes off Amazon – but I did not know they had this many designers and even so many kids options! Now if only all of the items were Prime 2-day shipping 🙂

  3. Hi Arielle,

    I just wanted to say that I am inspired by you. I enjoy following up with your life everyday. I love your style and your little family. I am inspired by everything you do. Xoxo

  4. Arielle, do you even realize how pathetic you look that you can’t go further than 1 square mile outside of your apartment? Your “blog” is sh*t and provides nothing to consumers looking for someone with decent style.

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    Your “brand” is the biggest joke I, or anyone with a day job in the fashion industry has ever seen. Embarrassingly enough, you LIVE off of the bullying posts and the people who call you out, when you clearly have the thinnest skin and can’t handle it. If you were a strong, real woman, you would hash it out rather than clicking a button and avoiding the people who cannot stand your ridiculously offensive posts.

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    PLEASE do us all a favor, try harder or just stop attempting to have this job as an “influencer” because – quite frankly, you are the furthest person that could ever influence anyone – just possibly your 16 year old followers who think it’s healthy the way you live and present your disgusting life.

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    1. And she’s so abusive to her poor dog. Arielle is the WORST about it. That dog was given so much love and attention, now all it does is get screamed at while her bratty, undisciplined child constantly treats it poorly. Arielle, nothing about your life is goals here but I used to appreciate your style. Until you started talking. Stick to pictures, and please, treat your pet better!

    2. LOL one square mile?? more like one square block… all of her pictures are taken literally out the door of her apartment building

  5. Amazon is TERRIBLE for fashion. Are you serious? A bunch of junk and random sellers, so hard to find anything. I don’t buy for a minute you weren’t paid for this!

  6. I love you AMBER W! And yes, this chick is pitiful, lazy, full of immense BS and uses her child to make money. Dial Soap for Dollars indeed. So tacky, entitled and low class. This girl is pure trash. I had the dishonor of meeting her in person on a work gig. She was one of the “models” for a blogger campaign a few years back and she acted like she thought she was the hottest shit in the room. Pure attitude. Super airhead! Everybody was laughing at her behind her back. Even the real models on set were gossiping how purely she was behaving.. :/

  7. She also has literally the WORST grammar, it’s shocking she graduated from college.

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  8. #somethingtacky indeed



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