Photography: Cameron White
(Skirt: American Apparel, Top: Necessary Clothing, Hat: Topshop, Shoes: Prada)
Happy new year!!!! I just got back from Mexico and have truly missed the layering of the clothing, the accessories, the booties, and coats. It was actually really nice to have a week of returning to my summer clothes. It’s great to be back though, I missed New York and I can’t wait to put together all new looks to photograph along with a new mindset for my wardrobe in 2011. What is every ones new year resolution?

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  1. Abby

    Happy new year, great outfit loving on the maxi skirts hard core! and amazeee hat


  2. Lyana

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog, I love your style. Definitely a follower now :)

  3. Katie

    ah mexico, i would love to go!

    happy new year!

    my new years resolution is to start wearing heels more often! i do a lot of walking so will always carry flats in my bag just in case. My other resolution is to pass my final exam & become a chartered accountant this summmer..


  4. Jose Camacho

    All black everything. I love the flirtatious vibe the top brings and the hat just gives it that hint of masculine touch.

    Jose C.


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